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This policy is a sub policy of the Verification Policy.

It describes the process of a Verification done through a Face to Face (F2F) meeting where the Applicant meets the RA Agent in person.

Verification Form

The Verification Form is used to document the findings to prove the identity collected during the Verification.

There is no need to use a special form but the used form MUST hold:

Applicant Part

  • Email address, MUST be the preferred one used in RA Agent System account of Applicant
  • Date of Birth
  • All name variants which SHOULD be verified. For each name variant a reference which documents proof this name variant MUST be given.
  • Request for Verification
  • Data Protection Notice
  • Date of meeting
  • Signature given in presence of RA Agent

RA Agent Part

  • Name of RA Agent
  • List of documents presented during the meeting. Document type and issuing country MUST be recorded, date of issuing and special feature of the document MAY be recorded, photocopy or photograph of the document MUST NOT be taken.
  • RA Agent Statement
  • Location of the meeting place with the minimum information of country and town.
  • Date of entering to RA Agent System
  • Signature

It is recommended to use the Verification Form available in the RA Agent System.

The Verification Form MUST be kept in a secure manner for 3 years after the year of the Verification meeting by the RA Agent.

Face To Face Meeting

During the Face to Face meeting the RA Agent MUST meet the Applicant in person.

The RA Agent prove their RA Agent status with a valid RA Agent Card.

The Applicant presents the Verification Form and MUST sign it in the presence of the RA Agent.

The RA Agent checks if the documents presented are acceptable and can be matched to the person of the Applicant. They record which name variants on the Verification Form can be verified through which document.

The RA Agent MUST NOT take photocopy or photographs of any document. The document type and the issuing country of the document MUST be recorded. The issuing date and special features or marks of the document MAY be recorded.

Entering Data

After the meeting the RA Agent log into the RA Agent System to enter the Verification.

The RA Agent System will present a list of name variants that are entered by the Applicant. The RA Agent check this list with their records on the Verification Form. All name variants that can be verified will be confirmed.

The RA Agent finish the Verification by entering the meeting date, meeting place and country and the Verification Points granted and check the RA Agent statement.

A Verification MUST be entered within 3 months after the F2F meeting.

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