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This policy is a sub policy of the Verification Policy and extends the Policy On Verification By RA Agent.

The Nucleus Verification process is used in areas with not many RA Agents. Board of WPIA or an appointed person decides which areas are excluded from the process.

Basically the Nucleus Verification is the same as the normal Verification.

Nucleus Verification Event


There MUST be at least 10 Fellows and only 2 Nucleus RA Agents present for the Nucleus Verification Event. The Nucleus Event MUST be coordinated with board of WPIA or an appointed person.

The Nucleus RA Agents will conduct a training of at least 2 hours. The training SHOULD cover all relevant tasks how to successfully conduct a Verification.

After the training session both Nucleus RA Agents perform verifications with all present Fellows.

The Fellows SHOULD conduct Verification among themselves, best with all. As the Fellows do not have an RA Agent Card yet the part about the RA Agent card MUST be striked through on the Verification Form.

As soon as the 2 Nucleus RA Agents entered the Verifications to RA Agent System and the Fellow passes the knowledge test and accepts the RA Agent Contract the Verifications performed during the Nucleus Verification Event can be entered by the attended fellows.

Verification Points

For Verifications conducted in a Nucleus Verification Event the Nucleus RA Agent is able to grant 50 Verification Points (VP).

The 50 VP are split in two different types:

  • Temporary VP, normally 15 VP, will be deleted automatically after 4 weeks after entering the Nucleus Verification. The remaining VP, normally 35 VP, will stay in the account.
  • Normal VP which are related to the level of VP the RA Agent is able to issue according to the RA Agents Expierence Points level, normally 35 VP.

As the other Fellows who attended the Nucleus Verification Event granted their Verification Points the total of minimum 100 Verification Points will still be reached after the temporary VP are deleted.

Nucleus RA Agent

The Nucleus RA Agent is a special trained RA Agent who is appointed as Nucleus RA Agent by Board of WPIA or an appointed person to conduct Nucleus Verifications.

A Nucleus RA Agent will only get the right to enter a Nucleus Verification for a certain timespan related to the Nucleus event. The right is granted by support if the person holds the role Nucleus RA Agent.

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