version changes approval date
1.0 initial policy 2019-01-28
1.1 rephrasing 2020-05-24


This policy SHALL apply to all arbitral proceedings in the World Privacy and Identity Association WPIA. All disputes between members of the association among themselves, between members of the WPIA and the WPIA itself as well as between users and supporters of the WPIA and the WPIA itself are created, SHALL be resolved according to the specifications of this policy and the Arbitration Rules of the WPIA.

Internationality And General Principles

  1. For all questions of interpretation of this Policy, the interpretation according to UNCITRAL and the Arbitration Rules of the WPIA SHALL prevail.
  2. Unless individual provisions of this Policy are applied, these rules should be interpreted in a way that respects the principles comply as closely as possible with this Policy and do not run counter to them.

Communication Signed With S/MIME Email

Unless the parties agree otherwise, the following SHALL apply:

  1. Any type of electronic communication using S/MIME signed email SHALL be deemed as delivered, if it is answered by the recipient.
  2. Any communication of the arbitral tribunal SHALL be confirmed upon request for receipt.

The provisions of this paragraph do not apply to the correspondence with ordinary courts.

Waiver Of The Intervention Of Ordinary Courts

The arbitral tribunal is set up according to the provisions of ยงยง 577 ff Austrian ZPO and UNCITRAL; the ordinary legal process is excluded.


Members of the Arbitration Commission and the Arbitrators or Arbitration Tribunals are only liable for intentional malpractice.

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