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This handbook is an addition the the verification policies to clarify how to use different names especially with different country regulations.


Documents - Governmental issued photo ID document see list of accepted documents

Name Types

Single Name

The single name style SHOULD only be used if a given name of a person is only one word.


A pseudonym MUST be proven with an govermental issued photo ID. It MUST be entered as given in the document and no variation are allowed.

Western Style

The western style SHOULD be used if the name can be devided into first name, last name and suffix.

Within the CA system the name will be always displayed in the order first name, last name and suffix. To verify a name it MUST be sure which name entry belongs to which name part.

The minimum information needs to be entered is one first name and one last name both in full length. Any addition can be entered as abbreviation or in full length.

The order of the names inside a name part is not of relevance. So "Hans Peter" and "Peter Hans" will be treated as allowed variations.

The use of lower and upper case is treated equally.


The suffix SHOULD NOT be used for the European doctoral degree as this is part of the first name.

The suffix SHOULD NOT be used for academic degrees.

Remember the suffix MUST to be proved by a document.

Name With Hyphen

Name parts with hyphens SHOULD be entered without blanks between the names and the hyphen. E.g. Correct Hans-Peter incorrect Hans˽-˽Peter. A name part with hyphens is treaded as one name part.

It is allowed to enter a name without hyphens into the data even if the documents show it with hyphens and vice versa.


Nicknames are allowed if they can be proven with governmental issued documents.


Sometimes names need to be transcripted either from one alphabet to another or to convert special charcaters to pure latin.

Converting Greek or Cryllic alphabet to latin alphabet. Here sometimes the names are adjusted to the language specific name variations in the language used. E.g. Nikolaos to Nicholas

Special characters in German can be transscripted from the original to the replacement but not vice versa. E.g. "ö" to "oe" is allowed, "oe" to "ö" is not allowed.

Country Specfic Rules


It is quite common in the Netherlands to use a shorten version of the first name. These names may be checked the Nederlandse Voornamen Databank.

Another issue might be a Tussenvoegsel problematic.


For Spain see Naming system in Spain

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